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Life Insurance in Salone

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Life Insurance is a contract between an insured (customer) and the Insurance Company (Insurer) to transfer the risk of financial loss or burden from the insured to the Insurer.

Everyone knows they are going to die someday; nobody wants their families to be doing odd jobs to survive when they die. Even though no one wants to talk about this, it is a must conversation.

With a Life Insurance policy, your worries about retirement, death, accident, and loss of income are over. We got you covered with our:

· Life Stage Planning

· Death Benefit

· Loan options

· Assured Income Benefits

· Riders

Insurance is here to act in your best interest.

Life Insurance provides peace of mind that your family will have some financial protection upon your passing. It provides a source of income replacement for those dependent on you and ensures your loved ones are taken care of when you pass away.

Rely on your Life Insurance cover when your bones are weak due to old age and you retire. You don’t have to rely on your kids for financial aid. Let the Insurance policy cover that. Be financially independent with your retirement benefit.

Get loans from your life Insurance cover to boost your business or settle other financial expenses and still get your life cover running. It doesn’t take very long to get access to your loan funds, with no collateral required.

Think Insurance starting NOW. Get yourself prepared for the unexpected.

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