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Why Fire Insurance in Freetown…

a) In the whole of Freetown we only have one functional fire engine that our local fire fighters utilise to combat fire. Shortage of sufficient fire engines has led to the delay in getting fire fighter prompt response in the invent of a fire outbreak. There are times they will only show up when the building is completely burnt down.

b) Electrical Malfunctioning: Owing to the substandard cables, equipment and faulty connections used in providing electricity for our homes, we have seen lots of houses burnt down because of electrical disorder. As long as you are using electricity for your building, you are susceptible to fire outbreak on that building.

c) Hydrants: It is almost impossible to locate water in Freetown, in some areas the nearest water facility is 1000 meters from any house.

Note: No matter how rich you are once your house gets burnt a Financial Loss is created, so why wait for such risk to happen? A wise man will not sit and accept a future risk that can create such financial loss when a suitable solution is right in front of him and that solution is INSURANCE.

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